We end
the struggle
with nits &
head lice
– and that’s

Your struggle

“I’ve tried all the products many, many times. I must have spent a fortune on them, but she still has them. The very next day there are crawlers. There are eggs everywhere and I just can’t get them out of her hair”

— Mrs A, London. Typical of mums everywhere.

Our expertise: We get rid of nits and head lice

We understand nits and head lice in a way the product companies and their scientists don’t. Unlike their tests on small samples we work clearing them day after day.

We clear them out in their thousands and shut down infestations week after week.

We are a unique nit and head lice clearing service, and we can quite simply shut down the infestation for you now.

Using a combination of unique, clever technology and hand extraction our Lice Assassins remove the burden of lice and their eggs – the nits – from your life quickly, naturally and very, very effectively.

2 appointments, 7 days apart.

Our expert process is totally free of any chemicals or pesticides, so not only is it safe, it is impossible for head lice to become immune to it – unlike the products. It’s their resistance to the products that keeps you struggling, time and time again.

A revolutionary alternative

Why use expensive products when they work just 20% of the time and never affect the real nuisance – the eggs? If you are on this page you probably know this to your cost already. (Read Caroline Scott’s Daily Mail article about why the products are money down the drain).

For the price of a few months struggle with the products, we will stop those nits and head lice in their tracks.

Our advice

Call your nearest Hairforce branch and let our Lice Assassins end your struggle now.